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Table 2 Session structure of individual CBT

From: AYA ‘Can-Sleep’ programme: protocol for a stepped-care, cognitive behavioural therapy-based approach to the management of sleep difficulties in adolescents and young adults with cancer

Session Content
1 • Conduct an evaluation of sleep history
• Further education around sleep hygiene
• Introduce the rationale for sleep restriction and stimulus control and address any potential barriers
• Discuss cancer-related late effects and medications that impact sleep function
• Provide education on completion of a sleep diary
2 • Review of sleep diary
• Provide education on the calculation of sleep efficiency
• Schedule sleep-wake schedule based on sleep diary
• Introduce arousal and how this affects sleep
• Discuss counter arousal methods
3 • Review of sleep diary
• Discuss sleep expansion
• Explore participant’s beliefs about sleep
• Identify and address cognitive factors that impact adherence to ‘Can-Sleep’ programme and sleep function
4 • Review progress
• Discuss sleep-related cognitive arousal
• Review of goals
• Create a relapse prevention plan (if appropriate)
• Discuss follow-up options