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Table 5 Open-ended comments from acceptability survey

From: Intelligent Physical Exercise Training (IPET) in the offshore wind industry: a feasibility study with an adjusted conceptual model

Category N (percentage) Examples
Organization, planning, and supervision 5 (28) “It is great that technicians have individualized exercise programs, but more efforts should be made ensuring that it gets prioritized by our management.”
“Being a wind technician is extremely physically demanding, so of course physical training should be a prioritized part of the work structure.”
COVID-19 implications 5 (28) “I think the exercises have been appropriately tailored for me, but because of COVID-19 it has been difficult to follow the program and get it done in a fitness center (onshore).”
General comments (reflections and satisfaction) 5 (28) “When I have completed a workout, I feel improved physical well-being. Generally, I have less pain in muscles and joints than before we started.”
“I think it is really great to have the opportunity to exercise during working hours and I feel motivated to continue”.
Structure and content of exercise program 3 (17) “I would have benefitted more from a team-based exercise structure, since I am not good at exercising on my own”
“There should be an alternative, like going for a walk e.g..”
  1. N= 14 unique participants leaving 18 comments