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Table 1 Proposed education module to accompany the CPOT-Fam and to be discussed and iteratively revised with a working group of stakeholders

From: Study protocol: development and pilot testing of the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool for families (CPOT-Fam)

A pain education module will be presented to consenting study participants. We will allow participants to access any section of the module repeatedly. The module will be broken down into two sections
1) Introduction to ICU pain • What is it? (What causes it, what kinds of pain to expect in the ICU)
• Who is at increased risk?
• How to distinguish ICU pain from expected discomfort
• How to tell a member of the ICU care team that their patient may be experiencing pain
2) Assessing pain using the CPOT-Fam • Basic overview of CPOT-Fam tool and how to use it
• When it is appropriate to use it
• Sample case