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Table 8 GUIDED checklist (Duncan et al. 2020) [10]

From: Enhancing national audit through addressing the quality improvement capabilities of feedback recipients: a multi-phase intervention development study

1. Report the context for which the intervention was developed. Background: Variably effective national audits
2. Report the purpose of the intervention development process Background: “to enhance the effectiveness of national audit through the iterative integration of evidence, theory and stakeholder input”
3. Report the target population for the intervention development process Methods—phase 4
4. Report how any published intervention development approach contributed to the development process Background
5. Report how evidence from different sources informed the intervention development process Method, including Fig. 1
6. Report how/if published theory informed the intervention development process. Method
7. Report any use of components from an existing intervention in the current intervention development process Method (phase 5)
8. Report any guiding principles, people or factors that were prioritised when making decisions during the intervention development process. Method: co-design
9. Report how stakeholders contributed to the intervention development process. Method and discussion
10. Report how the intervention changed in content and format from the start of the intervention development process Results
11. Report any changes to interventions required or likely to be required for subgroups Results: phase 5
12. Report important uncertainties at the end of the intervention development process Discussion
13. Follow TIDieR guidance when describing the developed intervention Table 9 in Appendix 4
14. Report the intervention development process in an open access format. Open access publication sought