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Table 1 Mapping activities to Medical Research Council framework section 2 assessing feasibility and pilot methods

From: A physiotherapy-led transition to home intervention for older adults following emergency department discharge: protocol for a pilot feasibility randomised controlled trial

2 Assessing feasibility and piloting methods
2.1 Testing procedures for acceptability, compliance, and intervention delivery Tested components for feasibility and acceptability.
Acceptability of the ED PLUS intervention discussed with PPI panel.
Assess feasibility of delivering intervention via face-to-face intervention and via telephone in terms of recruitment, retention and usability through a pilot of 6 weeks with 10 participants.
Assess acceptability through qualitative interviews.
2.2 Estimating recruitment and retention Recruitment from an ED and AMAU of a large, single tertiary care facility.
Consult with PPI group of older adults to determine best practice for ongoing retention of trial participants.
Consult with trial methodology groups (e.g. Health Research Board Trial Methodology Research Network) and working groups to determine the best methodology for ongoing retention of trial participants.
2.3 Determining sample size The results will be used to inform the sample size of a future definite RCT.
  1. AMAU Acute medical assessment unit, ED emergency department, PPI public and patient involvement