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Table 5 A joint display highlighting quotes related to the medication adherence and technology the key themes of the surveys

From: Examining medication adherence and preferences for a lifestyle intervention among Black and Latinx adults with hypertension: a feasibility study

Medication adherence (MA) - Medication adherence was influenced by side effects and beliefs about the effectiveness of the medication.
 Low MA scores “At one point I wasn’t going to take the blood pressure medicine because of the side effects.”
 High MA scores “And then the medicine they gave me, actually works so I don’t be wanting to forget to take it.”
Technological literacy (TL) - Individuals expressed an interest in using technology to learn more about a hypertension management but training and guidance will be required for those that do not use technology regularly.
 Low TL scores “They would have to show me how to use it because I don’t know how to use a computer.”
 High TL scores “I think an app would be great.”
  “I think the most, the most is the online thing. You find out more information and you just understand it better when you get it online.”