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Table 1 Description of feasibility domains assessed in the current study

From: Feasibility of a school-based physical activity intervention for adolescents with disability

Domain Description Student outcomes Teacher outcomes
Acceptability The extent to which the program is considered suitable, satisfying, or attractive to program participants • Program satisfaction
• Barriers and motivation to HIIT
• HIIT sustainability
• Group exercise preferences
• Program satisfaction
• Intervention sustainability
Implementation The extent, likelihood, and manner in which the program can be fully implemented as planned • Session adherence
• Session intensity
• Sessions delivered
• Session duration
• Quality of session delivery
Adaptation The extent to which an existing program can be adapted to fit the needs of different populations n/a • Qualitative description of session adaptations
• Adaptation to school characteristics
Practicality The extent to which the program can be delivered using existing resources or with limited resources, and without outside intervention • Practicality of program resources • Ease of implementation
• Session timing acceptability
• Adverse events
Preliminary efficacy The extent to which the program works in making positive changes to muscular fitness and functional performance • Sit-to-stand test
• Push-up test
• 6-min run/walk test
• Mood state