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Table 1 Behaviour change techniques [taxonomy label] in the RESIT intervention

From: A randomised-controlled feasibility study of the REgulate your SItting Time (RESIT) intervention for reducing sitting time in individuals with type 2 diabetes: study protocol

Goal setting [1.1]
Problem solving [1.2]
Action planning [1.4]
Review behaviour goals [1.5]
Discrepancy between current behaviour and goal [1.6]
Feedback on behaviour [2.2]
Self-monitoring of behaviour [2.3]
Social support—unspecified [3.1]
Information about antecedents [4.2]
Information about health consequences [5.1]
Demonstration of the behaviour [6.1]
Prompts/cues [7.1]
Credible source [9.1]
Pros and cons [9.2]
Social reward [10.4]