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Table 1 Overview of self-reported measures and the time points for the measurements

From: Adherence to self-managed exercises for patients with persistent subacromial pain: the Ad-Shoulder feasibility study

  Baseline Week 6 Week 12
Shoulder Pain and Disability Index [35] X   X
Patient Specific Function Scale [36, 37] X   X
Numeric Pain Rating Scale [38]* X X X
Self-efficacy [39]* X X X
Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire 2-item [40]* X X X
Work ability index [41] X   X
EQ-5D-5L [42] X   X
Bergen Insomnia Scale [43] X   X
Kinesiophobia [44] X   X
Patient-reported physical activity [45] X   X
Hopkins Symptom Checklist 25 [46] X   
Expectations of recovery [47] X   
Global Perceived Effect Scale [48]    X
Adverse events    X
  1. *Also measured with repeated measurements (total of 30 measures)