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Table 4 Adherence solutions delivered during sessions as part of the S-MAP intervention (as recorded by pharmacists on the app)

From: A non-randomised pilot study of the Solutions for Medication Adherence Problems (S-MAP) intervention in community pharmacies to support older adults adhere to multiple medications

Adherence solutiona Behaviour change techniques (BCT) [29] Number of pharmacists who delivered the solutionb Number of patients who received the solutionc
Self-monitoring solutions  
 Medication diary accepted Self-monitoring of behaviour 9 31
 Travel-size version of diary supplied 1 1
 Diary completed and reviewed at session 2 Self-monitoring of behaviour; feedback on behaviour 7 25
Knowledge solutions  
 Education/knowledge issues addressed Information about health consequencesd 7 23
Practical/social support solutions  
 Store medicines in visually prominent place Restructuring the physical environment 7 25
 Large print labels 1 1
 Link medications to common routine Prompts/cues 8 25
 Reminder in own travel itinerary 2 3
 Mobile phone reminders 4 6
 Mark-reorder dates on diary Prompts/cues; self-monitoring 1 4
 Synchronise medication supply with GP Social support (practical) 4 7
 Practical support—family/friends 3 4
 Pharmacy help with prescription re-ordering 4 9
 Pharmacy to collect prescriptions 3 7
 Pharmacy delivery service 3 3
 Pharmacy supplied MDS Adding objects to the environment 2 3
 Purchase pill reminder box 6 7
 Alternative packaging 4 4
 Physical aids 0 0
 Swallowing tips Instruction on how to perform the behaviour 4 5
 Simple advice to improve administration 3 3
 Discuss options with prescriber NA 5 13
Number of patients who received practical/social support solutions    46/55
Number of pharmacists who delivered practical/social support solutions   9/9  
Belief/motivation/goal solutions  
 Voicing concerns about medicines leaflet Information about health consequencesd 5 11
 Generic medicines leaflet 0 0
 Two-way conversation about benefits of adherence/consequences of non-adherence 6 18
 Strategies to manage mild side effects NA 4 8
 Set positive health goal Goal setting (outcome) 1 2
 Set adherence goal Goal setting (behaviour) 3 8
 Develop action plan Action planning 3 8
 Review positive health goal Review outcome goal 0 0
 Review adherence goal Review behaviour goal 2 2
Number of patients who received belief/motivation/goal solutions    30/55
Number of pharmacists who delivered belief/motivation/goal solutions   8/9  
  1. aSome solutions were repeated/delivered again at follow-up sessions but these have only been counted once
  2. bNine pharmacists delivered solutions to patients during sessions
  3. cFifty-five patients had barriers identified and solutions delivered
  4. dIncluded information on the importance of raising concerns, managing side effects, the importance of taking medicines as prescribed and only stopping medicines after consulting the prescriber