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Table 2 Questionnaires used as outcome parameters

From: A feasibility study on two tailored interventions to improve adherence in adults with haemophilia

  Outcome Questionnaire Specifications Minimal important difference
Used in both interventions Adherence VERITAS-Pro [26] - 6 domains (Time, Dose, Plan, Remember, Skip and Communicate)
- 24 multiple choice questions
- Cumulative normalized total score ranging 0–100
Not official defined. We considered an increase of 5 point clinical relevant
Quality of life SF-36 [27] - 8 domains (physical functioning (PH); role-physical (RH), Bodily Pain (BP), General health (GH), Vitally (V), Social functioning (SF), Role-emotional (RE) and mental health (MH).
- 36 multiple choice questions
Increase by 5 points [30]
Face-to-face training Illness perception BIPQ [28] - Only a total score, no domains
- 8 multiple choice questions
- Cumulative score ranging from 0 to 80
Not official defined. We considered an increase of 5-point clinical relevant