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Table 2 Content, strategies and behavioural targets of the Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle After Bowel Cancer programme

From: Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle After Bowel Cancer (HEAL ABC): feasibility randomised controlled trial protocol

Target Task Source
Increase awareness of the need to change Assessment of body, diet and physical activity Assessment booklet
Understanding benefits of healthy eating habits and activity lifestyle Information about healthy recommendations All booklets
Learning about new skills on healthy eating and active lifestyle Learning about healthy options, cooking and shopping tips, understanding portion sizes, choosing healthier alternatives/adding activities to daily routines All diet-related booklets/physical activity booklet
Exploring current habits and identifying where the change can be made Targeted questions on specific dietary habits/physical activity All diet-related booklets/physical activity booklet
Selections of specific goal(s) Action plan All booklets
Creating detailed plan how to achieve selected goal Action plan All booklets
Understanding own motivation, risks, barriers, coping strategies and readiness to change Get ready for your action section All booklets
Calendar with notes to record Make your notes section All booklets
Review of the goal and action Review plan All booklets
Instruction to start new booklet, follow-up with participants progress, encouragement and support Supportive calls every 2 weeks during intervention and once a month during follow up Telephone calls
Maintenance of new behaviour, encouragement to start new changes Calendar for 12 weeks to track progress and continue with changes, opportunity to plan and track new goals My journey to better health booklet