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Table 5 Excerpt from recruitment consultation regarding surgeon equipoise

From: Optimising recruitment to the HAND-1 RCT feasibility study: integration of the QuinteT Recruitment Intervention (QRI)

Patient 17: “When I came in today, my thought was, the recovery time was a minus [of LF]. Scars or…lumps, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. So, I suppose I had in my mind the needle option. If you were saying to me a better recovery will be surgery, I’m not anti-surgery…. I suppose I want it done as quickly as possible. I would certainly be guided by yourself.”
Surgeon B: “Okay. This [centre] has a reputation for doing NF…and people come to us for that reason…. they say, ‘Getting back to work rapidly is my highest priority. I’m willing to put up with it coming back’.”
Patient 17’s wife: “Ah, that was a question I was going to ask you. If [Patient 17] had it done by needle now and it did not, in time he could then have it cut and done…. Because that would give you options at work now, wouldn’t it?”
Surgeon B: “Yes.”
Patient 17: “Mmm-hmm”
[Patient 17 opts for Needle Fasciotomy]