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Table 3 The adherence to the study

From: Oral prednisolone for acute otitis media in children: a pilot, pragmatic, randomised, open-label, controlled study (OPAL study)

Adherence to the study Prednisolone (n = 31) Control (n = 31)
Not compliant to the completion of symptom diary
No data after baseline for primary outcome analysis 2 0
Data collected retrospectively by interview 4 13
Unclear responses clarified by interview 5 3
Not compliant to study medicationa   
Missed one dose, but taken on the next day 1
Vomited constantly and stopped the study medication 1
Took half of dose, vomited < 30 min and took another half of dose 1
Took medicine in the afternoon (not in the morning) 2
Not compliant to the follow-up visits   
Delayed timing of follow-up visit 3 3
Left study 2 2
Additional interventions   
Received additional oral corticosteroids 3b 1c
Received intervention of co-medication from study investigator 2 5
  1. aNine patients did not complete diary, but the adherence confirmed by interview
  2. bAt day 10, 12 and 60
  3. cAt day 7