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Table 4 Schema of participant activities

From: Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme as an intervention for people diagnosed with adult-onset, focal, isolated, idiopathic cervical dystonia: a feasibility study protocol

Activities all participants
  First study visit Baseline 8-week online CBT intervention Second study visit Outcome Third study visit Outcome
   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   
Informed consent X           
Allocation X           
Motor assessments            
BFMDRS clinical examination X          X X
BFMDRS disability scale X          X X
Psychiatric questionnaires            
BDI X          X X
HAM-D X          X X
GAD-7 X          X X
HAM-A X          X X
MINI X          X X
Sleep questionnaires            
SDQ X          X X
PSQI X          X X
ESS X          X X
Pain questionnaires            
CPAQ X          X X
PCS-EN X          X X
Short-form McGill X          X X
Pain Time Course Patterns X          X X
Quality of life            
SF-36 X          X X
Intervention group
Online CBT programme            
Module 1: ‘Welcome to SilverCloud’   X          
Module 2: ‘Getting Started’    X         
Module 3: ‘Understanding Feelings’     X        
Module 4: ‘Boosting Behaviour’      X       
Module 5: ‘Spotting Thoughts’       X      
Module 6: ‘Challenging Thoughts’        X     
Module 7: ‘Managing Worry’         X    
Module 8: ‘Bringing it all Together’          X   
  1. Abbreviations: BDI Beck’s Depression Inventory, BFMDRS Burke-Fahn-Marsden Dystonia Rating Scale, CBT cognitive behavioural therapy, CPAQ Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire, ESS Epworth Sleepiness Scale, GAD-7 Generalised Anxiety Disorder-7, HAM-A Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, HAM-D Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, MINI Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, PCS-EN Pain Catastrophising Questionnaire, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, SDQ Sleep Disorders Questionnaire, SF-36 Short Form-36 Health Survey