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Table 2 Overview of a priori–defined criteria regarding feasibility of the developed BRE-4-MED concept

From: Development and proof-of-concept of a multicenter, patient-centered cancer registry for breast cancer patients with metastatic disease—the “Breast cancer care for patients with metastatic disease” (BRE-4-MED) registry

Defined feasibility criteria for proof-of-concept study
• Linkage of routine data from established Cancer Registry with patient-reported outcomes: combining secondary and primary data
Can patients, who gave their consent to data linkage, be identified in the established Registries?
Is data exchange between method center (ICE-B), trusted third parties and Cancer Registries practicable?
• Usage of m-health devices by patients and treating physicians
Does the concept (log in, username, completion of questionnaire, and transfer to server/central database) work out?
• Proof of organizational requirements regarding:
Transfer of written informed consent to method center (ICE-B) for follow-up procedures
Procedures of central follow-up by method center feasible (ICE-B) (postal and phone)
• Acceptance of questionnaires/m-health devices in an incurable cancer collective as well as by clinical staff
Usage of m-health device
Fill out/return of questionnaire/completeness of documentation (appropriateness and comprehensibility of questions in an incurable cohort)