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Table 3 Study assessment schedule

From: Exercise for advanced prostate cancer: a multicomponent, feasibility, trial protocol for men with metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (EXACT)

Outcome Screening Baseline Weeks 1–12 Week 12 Week 24 Week 25
 Medical history x x x x x  
 Medication x x x x x  
 Medical clearance x x x x x  
 Height   x     
 Weight   x   x x  
 Hip circumference   x   x x  
 Waist circumference   x   x x  
Physical fitness
 Six-minute walking test   x   x x  
 Timed sit-to-stand test   x   x x  
Patient-reported outcomes
 FACIT-fatigue   x   x x  
 FACT-P   x   x x  
 EQ5D   x   x x  
 BPI-SF   x   x x  
Self-reported physical activity
 IPAQ-short form   x   x x  
Objective physical activity
 Accelerometer assessment   x   x x  
Behavioural support
 Weekly communication    x    
 Recruitment rates    x    x
 Adherence    x    x
 Attrition rates    x    x
 Safety/adverse events    x    x
 Patient experience    x    x
  1. Abbreviations: FACIT Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy, FACT-P Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy—Prostate, EQ5D EuroQOL five-dimensional questionnaire, BPI-SF Brief Pain Inventory—Short Form, IPAQ International Physical Activity Questionnaire