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Table 1 Participant characteristics and baseline scores on questionnaires

From: Regaining Confidence after Stroke (RCAS): a feasibility randomised controlled trial (RCT)

GenderIntervention (n = 22)Control (n = 25)
Age in years69.614.164.215.7
Months since stroke15.811.415.87.9
Barthel score18.51.818.61.9
Sheffield Screening Test for Acquired Language Disorders18.41.817.92.0
Nottingham Extended Activities of Daily Living13.84.914.45.0
COPE 1 Active coping12.01.811.13.1
COPE 2 Planning10.72.610.13.4
COPE 3 Seeking instrumental social support10.
COPE 4 Seeking emotional social support10.
COPE 5 Suppression of competing activities10.
COPE 6 Turning to religion8.
COPE 7 Positive reinterpretation and growth11.32.311.32.7
COPE 8 Restraint coping10.32.710.42.9
COPE 9 Acceptance12.51.712.13.2
COPE 10 Focus on and venting of emotions10.
COPE 11 Denial8.
COPE 12 Mental disengagement8.
COPE 13 Behavioural disengagement8.
COPE 14 Use of alcohol4.
COPE 15 Humour9.
General Health Questionnaire -3026.810.929.113.3
Confidence after Stroke Measure150.117.5147.215.5
CarersIntervention (n = 7)Control (n = 4)
 General Health Questionaire-3021.03.335.03.6
 Carers Strain Index3.