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Table 1 eRAPID RT study questionnaires and Case Report Forms (CRFs): researcher completed

From: eRAPID electronic patient self-Reporting of Adverse-events: Patient Information and aDvice: a pilot study protocol in pelvic radiotherapy

Questionnaire/CRF Time point for completion
Eligibility checklist Baseline
Comorbidity form End of study
Consent form Baseline
Registration/randomisation form Baseline
Baseline: clinical data form End of study
Clinical process measures
 Number of hospital contacts
 Number of alerts and hospital admissions
 Readmissions (with reasons)
 Clinician records of CTCAE and RTOG
 Changes to supportive medications and RT and/or chemotherapy dose changes
 Contacts with GP/community services
 Safety monitoring acute admissions, cumulative deaths
Collected during a course of RT treatment and if appropriate chemotherapy cycle (from hospital records and via brief patient survey at routine clinic appointments for interim assessment of clinical contacts)
IT system functioning
 Telephone log of phone calls from patients
 Record of unscheduled server down time
Throughout the duration of the study
Death and withdrawal form At point of death/withdrawal