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Table 1 Data requested for the second pilot stage

From: Assessing the impact of specialist home visiting upon maltreatment in England: a feasibility study of data linkage from a public health trial to routine health and social care data

Provided by Dataset Eligibility/coverage Mother Child Requested for the pilot
Dept. of Health Abortions England and Wales
All abortions performed in the NHS or an approved independent sector
ONS Mortality records UK Entry–31 March 2015
NHS Digital Inpatient Any NHS hospital in England Entry–31 March 2015
Outpatient Entry–31 March 2015
Accident and Emergency Entry–31 March 2015
Dept. for Education Child In Need < 18 years registered with social services in England Entry–31 March 2014
Child Looked After Entry–31 March 2014
Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Public schools in England 4 years Assessment day July 2013 and July 2014
Early Years Census 3–4 years Census day Jan 2013 and Jan 2014
Alternative Provision 2–19 years Census day Jan 2013 and Jan 2014
Pupil Referral Unit 2–19 years Census day Jan 2014
School census 2–19 years Winter term 2012–Summer term 2014
Key stage One 5–7 years