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Table 3 Pilot c-RCT outcome measures

From: Reducing stigma among healthcare providers to improve mental health services (RESHAPE): protocol for a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial of a stigma reduction intervention for training primary healthcare workers in Nepal

Construct Instrument Description Assessment time periods
Pre-training (t1) Immediate post-training (t2) 4-month post-training (t3) 16-month post-training (t4) Patient baseline (t5) Patient 6-month follow-up (t6)
Primary outcome (primary healthcare workers)
Stigma Social distance Primary healthcare workers self-rate level of social distance related to interacting with persons with mental illness X X X X   
Secondary outcomes (primary healthcare workers)
Mental healthcare knowledge mhGAP knowledge Primary healthcare workers complete multiple choice and true/false questions reflecting knowledge of mental health diagnoses and treatment X X X X   
Stigma mhGAP attitudes Primary healthcare workers complete questions regarding attitudes toward people with mental illness X X X X   
Stigma Implicit Association Test (IAT) Primary healthcare workers complete a computer-based neuropsychological test assessing implicit biases related to mental illness and violence X   X X   
Clinical competency Enhancing Assessment of Common Therapeutic Factors (ENACT) Competency is rated by observers through role plays between primary healthcare workers and standardized patients X   X X   
Diagnostic and treatment fidelity Psychiatrist administered Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) Psychiatrists administer the CIDI to patients diagnosed by primary healthcare workers and compare with the diagnosis and treatment recommendations      X  
Secondary outcomes (patients)
Stigma and care access Barriers to Access to Care Evaluation (BACE) Patients rate degree to which stigma is a barrier to care seeking      X X
Perceived clinical competency Enhancing Assessment of Common Therapeutic Factors (ENACT)—patient rating version Patients rate their primary healthcare workers on quality of common factors in care      X X
Daily functioning WHO Disability Assessment Scale (WHODAS) Patients rate ability to perform daily functioning      X X
Depression symptoms Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) Patient rate depression symptoms over past two weeks      X X
Alcohol use disorder Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) Patients rate alcohol use and associated behavior, as well as daily ethanol consumption      X X