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Table 2 Overview of the long and short activity protocol.

From: Validity, reliability and feasibility of commercially available activity trackers in physical therapy for people with a chronic disease: a study protocol of a mixed methods research

Station Activity type Duration activity, repetitions or walking distance Included in short version
1 Standing 1 min X
Simulated cleaning of windows 1 min X
Walking weaving around cones 7 m X
2 Sitting on a chair 2 min X
Standing 1 min  
Vacuum cleaning on the spot 1 min  
Vacuum cleaning while walking 1 min X
Walking weaving around cones 7 m X
3 Walking up and down stairs (3 or 4 steps) 3 times X
Lifting a 1 kg object and placing this at a table 1 min X
Walking in a straight line 7 m X
4 Lying on a bed 6 min  
Sitting on a chair 5–10 min X
Standing 1 min  
Walking in a straight line while carrying a shopping bag (content: 2.5 kg) 2 times 7 m X
5 Walking sideways along a 2 m kitchen counter 3 times 2 ways X
Standing 30 s  
Walking in a straight line 7 m X
6 Cycling (50–60 rpm at 30 watt) 3 min X
Total time   28–33 min 19–24 min
  1. The long version of the protocol included all mentioned activities. The third column shows which activities are included in the short version of the protocol