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Table 2 Compliance with wearing the Dermatuff™ socks

From: Pilot parallel randomised controlled trial of protective socks against usual care to reduce skin tears in high risk people: ‘STOPCUTS’

Reason Stopped wearing socks Withdrawn
Socks uncomfortable 7  
•1 legs swell up
•2 socks too long
•2 socks too warm (1 same person as for socks too long),
•1 socks too tight
•1 developed blister
•1 socks itched
Participant too unwell (1 dying, 1 chronic illness and too tired to put on socks) 2 2
Participant lost capacity 2 2
Previous skin problem (dry skin on heels) 1 1
Found socks unsightly/embarrassing 1  
Socks did not fit (thin calves) 1  
Died 1 1
No reason given 2  
Total 17 6