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Table 2 Summary of measures used

From: Managing challenging behaviour in preschool children post-traumatic brain injury with online clinician support: protocol for a pilot study

Construct Measure Time point
   1 2 3 4
Socioeconomic status Social Risk Index    
Outcome measures
Child behavioural outcomes Child Behavior Checklist
Family outcomes McMaster Family Assessment Device
Parental functioning
Parental psychological distress Depression Anxiety Stress Scales
Confidence and satisfaction in the parenting role Parenting Sense of Competence Scale
Disciplinary practices Parenting Scale
Programme satisfaction Consumer Satisfaction Scale    a  
  1. Time point 1 = retrospectively completed about pre-injury behaviour, 2 = pre-intervention, 3 = post-intervention, 4 = 4 months post-intervention
  2. aIntervention group only