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Table 2 Details and schedule of the MindPD trial assessment procedure

From: Distant delivery of a mindfulness-based intervention for people with Parkinson’s disease: the study protocol of a randomised pilot trial

Assessments administered Screening (week 0) Baseline (week 1) Mid-intervention (week 4) Post-intervention (week 8) 3-month follow-up (week 20)
Main details sheet X     
Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status Instrument modified version (TICS-M) X     
Demographics sheet   X    
Primary outcome measure:
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)   X X X X
Secondary outcome measures:
 Parkinson’s Disease Activities of Daily Living Scale (PADLS)   X X X X
 Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)   X X X X
 Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS)   X X X X
 Insomnia Severity Index (ISI)   X X X X
Process variables:
 Self-Compassion Scale (SCS)   X X X X
 Philadelphia Mindfulness Scale (PHLMS)   X X X X
 Experiences Questionnaire (EQ)   X X X X
 Acceptance Action Questionnaire (AAQ-II)   X X X X
 Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale (IUS-12)   X X X X
Health economics variables:
 Subjective Well-Being questionnaire (SWB)   X   X X
 EuroQoL and visual analog scale (EQ-5D-3L and VAS)   X   X X
 ICEpop CAPability Measure for Adults (ICECAP-A)   X   X X
 Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT)   X   X X
 Home practice     X X