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Table 2 Evaluation at the ICU follow-up clinic

From: Survivors of intensive care with type 2 diabetes and the effect of shared care follow-up clinics: study protocol for the SWEET-AS randomised controlled feasibility study

Diabetologist assessment Intensivist assessment
Anthropometric measurements Semi-structured interview to assess for long-term complications of ICU admission
History of diabetes and treatment Discussion of ICU experience
Review of blood glucose levels and diabetes medications Assessment of mobility
Assessment of cardiovascular risk Screen for anxiety and depression
 • Blood pressure check and titration of antihypertensives Assessment of employment status and frailty
 • Lipids Quality of life questionnaire
 • Indication for aspirin Review of patient healthcare utilisation diary
Diabetes complications screen Referral to other specialists or services as required
 • Nephropathy  
 • Peripheral neuropathy  
 • Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy
 • Retinopathy  
 • Macrovascular complications
 • Referral to ophthalmologist or podiatrist as appropriate