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Table 1 Overview of Space from Anxiety program

From: Acceptability and proof of concept of internet-delivered treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress in university students: protocol for an open feasibility trial

Module name Brief description
Welcome to SilverCloud Introduction to the program to orient users to the program’s structure and content. Invites users to consider their expectations of the program.
Getting Started Outlines the basic principles of CBT and provides information about anxiety. Users are encouraged to begin to chart their own difficulties with anxiety.
Understanding Feelings Focus on developing emotional literacy and understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Explore different aspects of emotions, physical body reactions, anxiety and behavior, and the impact of lifestyle choices and purposeful relaxation on these domains.
Facing Your Fears Highlights the importance of defining fears and introduces graded exposure strategy. Users can define a fear hierarchy and carry out experiments to gradually face their fears and reduce their anxiety. Encourages the user to accept their feelings and embrace uncertainty.
Spotting Thoughts Identify anxious thoughts, and notice how they are typically accepted without question. Explore ways to disempower thoughts through balanced acceptance. Ideas are presented about how worry can perpetuate anxiety, and how some distraction strategies can be beneficial.
Challenging Thoughts Challenge distorted thinking errors or patterns, and outlines helpful ways of thinking. Ideas around the identification of negative hot thoughts and the development of alternatives are also presented.
Bringing It All Together Reflect on any change in perspectives that may have occurred and to plan for staying well. The important role of social support is outlined and set backs are normalized.