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Table 2 Key variables: quantitative data collection

From: Protocol-based management of older adults with hip fractures in Delhi, India: a feasibility study

Data collection On admission At discharge 30-day follow-up
Variables - Care-seeking behaviour
- Socio-demographic characteristics
- Co-morbidities
- Hospital service processes
- Pre-operative, operative and post-operative care
- Complications
- Mobilitya
- Functional statusa
- Living arrangements
- Re-admission/surgery
Best-practice indicators and outcomes Time from injury to admission in A&E
Time from A&E to orthopaedic ward
- Time from admission to assessment by physician/geriatrician
- Time from admission to surgery
- Discharged on bone protection medication
- Received a falls assessment prior to discharge
- Length of stay
- Pressure ulcer
- In-hospital mortality
- Quality of lifea
- Caring needs
- 30-day mortality
  1. aEQ-5D, a tool for measuring quality of life in terms of mobility, usual activities, anxiety/depression, self-care and pain/discomfort on a five-point scale