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Table 7 Feedback from the pre-pilot test of the Mi-LiFE intervention and related materials in four participants

From: Measuring the implementation of a group-based Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (Mi-LiFE) intervention delivered in primary care for older adults aged 75 years or older: a pilot feasibility study protocol

Feedback questions Comments
What did you like or dislike about the exercise program or the materials provided for you? Liked:
• “Preferred group program vs. individual program- because motivation is greater in a group”
• “The manual with pictures and explanations”
• “Exercises were interesting”
• “Group format was fine”
• “Exercises were simple and easy to fit into routine and complete as you are doing other activities”
• “Can do the exercises at home”
• “Seeing what other people are challenged with”
• “Hearing others’ experiences”
• “No dislikes”
• “Problems understanding the recording sheets”
• “Would sometimes forget to do the exercises”
Related to your participation in the exercise program, what could we have done better? • “Instruction and exercises integrated more into the sessions”
• “More demonstration and repetition of the exercises”
• “Exercise program was done quite well”
• “The explanation of the activity counter could have been more detailed at first introduction”
• “First time in an exercise program and did not have any past experience to compare it to”
• “Check in from family doctor to stay accountable”
Will you continue to perform the activities taught in this study and integrate them into your activities of daily living? Why or why not? • “At least some of them- there’s a lot to keep in mind”
• “Hope so…time will tell…I will hopefully not forget”
• “To improve balance”
Was the manual easy to understand? Why or why not? • “Odd word I did not understand”
• “Well done”
• “Add sense of humor, cartoons—feeling or emotional component”
• “It was easy to understand. Pictures were good”
• “Yes, very easy”
Was the length of the manual appropriate? Why or why not? • “A lot to read at one time, but could do with planning”
• “Empty pages between chapters—didn’t know what they were for”
Was the wording of the manual appropriate? Why or why not? • “Easy to understand”
• “Might depend on the person”
• “Think so. Made sense”
• “Did not recall any specific words that were different”
• “Some words were unusual”
What overall changes would you recommend to improve the manual? • “Probably good right now”
• “Place manual in a binder or duotang—able to turn pages more easily”
• “Add page numbers to recording sheets [activity planner]”
Were the principles and key points of the LiFE program communicated clearly and effectively in the manual? Why or why not? • “Well done—pictures, wording”
• “Yes”
• “Physical therapist gave good explanations and demonstrations. The one-on-one session was very helpful”
• “Would not have understood exercises without the manual”
Were the instructions for the strength and balance exercises clear and easy to understand? Why or why not? • “Found some exercises too difficult, add in progression”
• “Yes, think so”
• “Clear and straightforward”
Were the pictures helpful to provide demonstrations of the exercise? Why or why not? • “Yes… And add cartoons, that’s funny”
• “Very definitely”
• “Demonstrate the exercises better”
• “ Nice variety of models… made it more personal”
• “Showed different levels of difficulty”