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Table 1 Protocol of measurements and activities performed

From: Feasibility of a laboratory-based accelerometer calibration protocol for children with intellectual disabilities

Activity Description
Session 1  
  Rest Sitting in reclined position watching DVD
  Treadmill-based activities  
  Light intensity  
  3 km/h Walking at 3 km/h at zero gradient
  Moderate intensity  
  6 km/h Jogging at 6 km/h at zero gradient
  5 km/h at 5 % Walking briskly at 5 km/h at 5 % gradient
  Vigorous intensity  
  8 km/h Running at 8 km/h at zero gradient
Session 2  
  Free-living activities  
  Sitting playing computer game Sitting playing handheld Nintendo DS
  Watching DVD Sitting watching DVD
  Drawing Sitting drawing
  Light intensity  
  Passing football Passing a football with a researcher
  Playing catch Standing throwing/catching a ball with a researcher
  Standing playing computer game Standing playing handheld Nintendo DS
  Moderate intensity  
  Step aerobics Continual stepping on and off aerobic step
  Hula hoop Continual twirling of hula hoop around the waist
  Interactive computer game Playing interactive bowling on an Xbox Kinect
  Vigorous intensity  
  Jumping jacks Continual jumping jacks/star jumps
  Graded exercise test Treadmill-based incremental fitness test