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Table 1 Schedule of enrolment and assessments

From: AYA ‘Can-Sleep’ programme: protocol for a stepped-care, cognitive behavioural therapy-based approach to the management of sleep difficulties in adolescents and young adults with cancer

  Item/time Enrolment Rescreen Completion
  t0 t1 t2
 Insomnia Severity Index 7 X X X
 ≥ 8 indicates symptomatic     
 ≥ 3-point change is clinically meaningful     
 Epworth Sleepiness Scale 8 X X X
 ≥ 10 indicates symptomatic     
 ≥ 5 are classified as high risk of moderate to severe OSA     
 Restless Legs Syndrome Scale 5 X   
 −5/5 at risk of restless leg syndrome     
 Proportion of people approached who consent - X X X
 > 50% indicates programme is feasible     
 Dropout rate - X X X
 > 40% indicates programme is feasible     
Acceptabilityquantitative and qualitative data
 Participant experiences survey — screening questionnaires 5 X   
 Participant experiences survey — post follow-up care 10   X X
 Clinician engagement survey 14    X
Other variables
 Demographic and cancer information 4 X   
 Administrative and fidelity data   X X X
  1. X, measure administered at that time point