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Table 2 Logistics of the AktiWeb study in patients with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis

From: The AktiWeb study: feasibility of a web-based exercise program delivered by a patient organisation to patients with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis

Logistics Outcome
 Proportion of eligible patients enrolled 71% (35/49)
 Proportion of patients providing valid accelerometer data at baseline assessment 86% (30/35)
 Proportion of patients completing maximal cardiorespiratory exercise test according to protocol at baseline assessment 51% (18/35)
 Proportion of patients returning exercise diary 77% (27/35)
 Received exercise diaries per patient (0–12), median (range) 11 (1–12)
 Proportion of enrolled patients providing data at 12-week follow-up assessments 63% (22/35)
Intervention delivery
 Time resources used on delivery of exercise programs and motivational messages, minutes per week/patient, mean (SD) 7.3 (1.1)
 Time resources used by peer-supporters, minutes per week/patient 0a
  1. aThe peer-supporters were not contacted