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Table 4 Acceptability (participant satisfaction and evaluation)

From: Intelligent Physical Exercise Training (IPET) in the offshore wind industry: a feasibility study with an adjusted conceptual model

On-site supervised exercise overall (N=18) Strongly or partly agreed, N (%)
The exercise program worked well overall during the summer rotation 15 (83)
Workplace exercise is relevant for requirements outside of work 13 (72)
Workplace exercise is relevant for our work requirements as wind technicians 17 (94)
One hour was sufficient to complete all prescribed elements 12 (67)
The fitness room was large enough and we had the required equipment 11 (61)
It was possible to adjust exercises as needed 15 (83)
Exercise should be implemented as a part of the offshore work structure 18 (100)
“Which specific elements has worked well” “Yes”, N (%)
Warm-up 6 (33)
Cardiorespiratory fitness training (high intensity interval training) 15 (83)
Workplace exposure specific training (the exercises that were the same for all) 9 (50)
Individually prescribed exercises for musculoskeletal symptoms 13 (72)
No elements worked well 0 (0)
All elements worked well 10 (56)