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Table 2 Participant characteristics at baseline (T1)

From: Intelligent Physical Exercise Training (IPET) in the offshore wind industry: a feasibility study with an adjusted conceptual model

Variable Mean (SD) N (percentage)
Age (years) 40 (8)  
Sex (male)   23 (100)
Height (cm) 181 (6)  
Weight (kg) 97 (23)  
Body mass index (kg/m2) 28 (4)  
Blood pressure, systolic (mmHg) 149 (14)  
Blood pressure, diastolic (mmHg) 90 (11)  
Smoking (yes)   6 (29)
Living in a relationship (yes)   17 (81)
Seniority in the wind industry (>3 years)   19 (90)
Average perceived exertion during work (6–20) 13 (2)  
Leisure time physical activity level (high)   9 (43)
  1. 23 WTs completed the baseline physical capacity and health check and 21 completed the questionnaire at T1. ‘High’ leisure time physical activity level refers to doing light physical activity for more than 4 h per week (on average) or moderate to vigorous physical activity for 2–4 h per week [46]. Perceived exertion during work was assessed on the 6–20 Borg-scale ranging from “No exertion at all” to “Maximal exertion,” with 13 corresponding to “Somewhat hard” [47]