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Table 6 Example quotes from phase 6 feasibility study

From: Enhancing national audit through addressing the quality improvement capabilities of feedback recipients: a multi-phase intervention development study

Acceptability Affective attitude and opportunity cost
“I think it’s been really lovely...I’m really quite enjoying it”
“the programme has been really, really good. I feel like, you know, there’s been some brilliant opportunities from it”
Perceived effectiveness
“we are already beginning to see it”
“Yes, I do think attending them will hopefully be helpful to the success of our initiatives”
The QIC was time-consuming and required some effort, but was worthwhile: “we don’t get additional time or resources to do it. So, at this point, it’s your own goodwill that you are doing the extra work… I’m really quite enjoying it, and we are already beginning to see the improvements” (Interviewee 4).
Part of the perceived burden reflected the current context: “At the moment, it’s particularly tricky for everybody who’s working in the NHS with the pandemic and now with recovering...”
Appropriateness “I thought it was managed really, really well. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out with it being virtual, I think it worked well”. (Interviewee 3)
[Participants] “have a chance to raise a hand [referring to the ‘raise hand’ function in Microsoft Teams] and bring their point forward so, you get a more balanced view” (Interviewee 6).
Participants described that virtual delivery increased accessibility and made the intervention more easily incorporated into busy clinical schedules, but may have led to a loss of informal sharing of learning, for example over coffee breaks.