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Table 2 Schedule of assessments

From: Enhancing the health of NHS staff: eTHOS — protocol for a randomised controlled pilot trial of an employee health screening clinic for NHS staff to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, compared with usual care

Visit Eligibility screening, consent and randomisation Baseline Intervention screening visit 26-week follow-up data collection Between baseline and 26 weeks
Timeframe for follow-up data collection     +/−4 weeks  
Trial registration x     
Consent to eligibility screening x     
Eligibility screening x     
Participant information and contact details x     
Valid informed consent x     
Staff payroll number x     
NHS number (optional) x     
Demographics (DOB, gender, education, marital status)   x    
Smoking status   x   x  
Exercise level (GPPAQ questionnaire)   x x x  
Ethnicity   x    
Diagnosed medical conditions   x    
Current medications   x    
Health status (EQ-5D questionnaire)   x   x  
Height   x    
Weight   x   x  
Health service utilisation   x   x  
Current employment   x   X  
Absenteeism and presenteeism (WHO-HPQ questionnaire)   x   x  
Occupational health resource utilisation   x   x  
Randomisation x     
Health screening (intervention group only)      
Musculoskeletal health (if applicable)      
STarT Back screening tool (participant completion)    x   
STarT Back screening tool (review)    x   
STarT MSK screening tool (participant completion)    x   
STarT MSK screening tool (review)    x   
OMPSQ tool (participant completion)    x   
OMPSQ tool (review)    x   
Impact on work questions: musculoskeletal health    x   
Mental health (if applicable)      
GAD7 questionnaire (participant completion)    x   
GAD7 questionnaire (review)    x   
PHQ9 questionnaire (participant completion)    x   
Impact on work questions; mental health    x   
Cardiovascular health (if applicable)      
Personal details checked from baseline (age, ethnicity)      
BMI    x   
Smoking status (review from baseline questionnaire)    x   
Alcohol intake (review of AUDIT C questionnaire)    x   
Exercise level (review of GPPAQ questionnaire)    x   
Cardiovascular risk calculator (QRISK2 score)    x   
Clinical measures (if age > = 40 years)      
ECG    x   
Pulse    x   
Blood pressure    Up to 3 readings   
Blood tests (criteria for taking blood must be met)    x   
Cholesterol    x   
HbA1C (if indicated as per NHS Health Check)    x   
eGFR (if indicated as per NHS Health Check) (calculated using creatinine or U&Es, according to Trust policy)    x   
Recommendations from the health screening clinic (intervention group only)     x  
Recently diagnosed health conditions     x  
Trust staff characteristics x     
Trust absenteeism rates x     
Participant absenteeism data x    x  
Process evaluation (if applicable)      
Valid informed consent      x
Qualitative interview/focus group      x