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Table 1 Description of study sites

From: Enhancing the health of NHS staff: eTHOS — protocol for a randomised controlled pilot trial of an employee health screening clinic for NHS staff to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, compared with usual care

Hospital Staff Setting
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB)
(University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) NHS Foundation Trust)
9000 The largest single site hospital in the country. Regional centre for cancer, largest solid organ transplantation programme in Europe, a regional Neuroscience and Major Trauma Centre and includes The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.
Heartlands hospital
(University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust)
11000 Includes four secondary care city-based hospital sites (Heartlands, Good Hope, Solihull and the Chest Clinic), one of the top five employers in the West Midlands. We will focus on the Heartlands site
Birmingham Children’s Hospital (Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust) 6000 Secondary and tertiary care hospital serving 384,000 women and children annually
Hereford hospital (Wye Valley NHS Trust) 3000 One of the smallest rural district general hospitals in England, serving a population of 180,000