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Table 11 Phase II participants’ scores on the psychological measures

From: SAFETEL: a pilot randomised controlled trial to assess the feasibility and acceptability of a safety planning and telephone follow-up intervention to reduce suicidal behaviour

Variable Subcategory All participants
(mean, SD)
ESSI (n = 32)
  Total 21.41 (7.44)
  Burdensomeness 33.28 (8.25)
  Thwarted belongingness 27.28 (7.66)
Entrapment scale
  External entrapment 20.72 (5.71)
  Internal entrapment 24.91 (7.04)
  Severity of suicidal Ideation 3.91 (1.69)
  Intensity of Ideation 20.63 (4.21)
  1. ESSI, Enrichd Social Support Scale; INQ, Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire; SCRS, Suicide-Related Coping Scale; C-SSRS, Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale