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Table 1 Recruitment approach at study sites

From: Community-based exercise programs incorporating healthcare-community partnerships to improve function post-stroke: feasibility of a 2-group randomized controlled trial

Site Nature of recruitment Recruiter Recruitment strategies
Toronto Prospective In-patient physical therapist • Distributed study brochures to inpatients and outpatients and their caregivers March–September 2017 and screened for eligibility at discharge
  Retrospective Out-patient physical therapist • Contacted discharged outpatients seen October 2016–January 2017 by phone to screen for eligibility and gauge interest to participate
Pembroke Retrospective Stroke team nurse practitioner • Contacted discharged outpatients seen January 2016–January 2017 by phone, mailed brochures and consent forms to interested individuals
London Retrospective Research assistant • Contacted people who were inpatients or outpatients January–June 2017 by phone and mail