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Table 3 Schedule of enrolment, intervention and assessments

From: Improving management of needle distress during the journey to dialysis through psychological education and training—the INJECT study feasibility pilot protocol

  Study period
Enrolment Baseline 3 weeks 6 weeks
  psychological assessment Post education program completion
Timepoint - t1 t0 t1 t2
 Informed consent X    
 Eligibility screen-
 Dialysis Fear of Injection Questionnaire (DFIQ)
 Demographics X    
(6-week duration starting from baseline)
 DFIQ    X X
 Managing Needle Distress Questionnaire (MNDQ)   X   X
 Blood/ Injection Fear Scale (BIFS)   X X X
 Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale (HADS)   X X X
 Patient INJECT evaluation survey At the end of 6-week intervention
 INJECT study satisfaction survey Immediately post the completion of online education program
 Qualitative semi-structured interview study with nurses and patients Following the completion of the pilot study