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Table 1 Table of feasibility parameters and criteria for progression to full trial

From: Moving on trial: protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial of models of housing and support to reduce risks of COVID-19 infection and homelessness

Feasibility parameter Method of measurement Progression criteria: green (satisfactory), amber (review), red (fail)
  Green Amber Red
Participant recruitment Percentage of participants approached by LAs, and who are eligible and consent (and thus are willing to be randomised). ≥50% 30 to <50% <30%
LA recruitment Number of LAs who entered trial as a proportion of those approached and who showed some interest in taking part. ≥50% 30 to <50% <30%
Participant retention Percentage of participants retained at final follow-up timepoint as a proportion of those recruited. ≥65% 50 to <65% <50%
Adherence LA adheres to assignment of participant to randomised allocation. ≥80% 50 to <80% <50%