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Table 6 Anonymous participant feedback for the overall programme completed by 71/88 (81%) of those who completed the study at 12 months (26, 57% of the BCPP group and 45, 55% of the MDPP group)

From: Testing a breast cancer prevention and a multiple disease prevention weight loss programme amongst women within the UK NHS breast screening programme—a randomised feasibility study

Elements of the programme Very or extremely satisfied (ranked 8/10 to 10/10)
BCPP and MDPP groups
 Diet advice and meal plans 53/71 (75%)
 PA advice and plans 36/71 (51%)
 Dietitian telephone reviews 68/71 (96%)
 Dietitian weekly individualised e-mails 69/71 69/71 (97%)
 Automated e-mails during 6-12 months 51/71 (72%)
MDPP group
 NHS Health Check assessments 44/45 (96%)
 Communication of their personalised CVD and T2D risk 45/45 (100%)