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Table 2 Percentage of participants that strongly agree or agree with questions about their satisfaction with the intervention

From: High-intensity treadmill training and self-management for stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation: a feasibility study

Question Strongly agree/agree
(n = 24)
Treadmill component
 I liked walking on the treadmill 70%
 I found walking on the treadmill to be challenging 45%
 Walking on the treadmill helped improve my ability to walk 85%
 I felt confident during treadmill training 85%
 Treadmill training was difficult 40%
 I experienced pain during treadmill training 10%
 I experienced mental tiredness/ fatigue during treadmill training 40%
 I experienced physical tiredness/ fatigue during treadmill training 60%
 I was anxious during treadmill training 15%
Self-management component
 Talking to my trainer about goal setting helped me to set personal goals related to physical activity 73%
 My trainer helped me to develop coping strategies to overcome barriers to being physically active 87%
 The discussions I had with my trainer have helped me to think about physical activity in a positive way 93%
 I feel confident that I will continue to live an active lifestyle now that the treadmill training has finished 47%