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Table 2 Overview of resilience intervention session content

From: Adaptability and Resilience in Aging Adults (ARIAA): protocol for a pilot and feasibility study in chronic low back pain



Home Practice

WK 1: introduction

Symptoms and causes of back pain. Rationale for resilience in managing pain.

Complete a character strength survey. Record personal strengths.

WK 2: pleasant activities

Benefits of gratitude, pleasant activities, and pacing in the context of pain.

Complete a log of gratitude practice. Engage in weekly pleasant activities.

WK 3: values-based living

Values-based activity and mindfulness practice for pain.

Complete a values assessment. Practice mindfulness exercises.

WK 4: hopeful thinking

Setting and achieving attainable goals. Using personal strengths to reach goals.

Select a goal to achieve. Identify areas in life that inspire hope.

WK 5: positive reappraisal

Interpreting stressful events and learning ways to reframe negative situations.

Log positive events and situations where reframing was helpful.

WK 6: self-efficacy

Discuss methods to enhance self-efficacy. Education on relaxation for stress and pain.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing exercise and record stress/pain levels.

WK 7: review

Review of skills learned during group. Feedback on group activities and skills.

Continue to practice resilience skills after the end of group.