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Table 1 Study procedures

From: Adaptability and Resilience in Aging Adults (ARIAA): protocol for a pilot and feasibility study in chronic low back pain

  Prescreen Screening (baseline) Intervention sessions Post 3 months
Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3 Visit 4 Visit 5 Visit 6 Visit 7 Visit 8
 Contact information X           
 Prescreening interview X           
 Eligibility review X X          
 Informed consent   X          
 Demographic information   X          
 Medical history review   X X X X X X X X   
 Adverse event review    X X X X X X X   
 Cognitive assessment (MoCA)   X          
Measures of treatment acceptability and feasibility
 Treatment engagement (Therapist)    X X X X X X X   
 Treatment engagement (Participant)    X X X X X X X   
 Treatment expectancy   X X         
 Treatment module evaluation          X   
 Treatment evaluation (Qualitative)           X  
 Global treatment satisfaction          X   
 Home activities evaluation     X X X X X X   
Treatment outcomes and mediators
 PROMIS Pain Intensity   X        X   X
 PROMIS Pain Interference   X        X   X
 PROMIS Mood (Dep, Anx)   X        X   X
 WHOQOL-BREF   X        X   X
 PANAS   X        X   X
 CPAQ   X        X   X
 ASHS   X        X   X
 PSEQ   X        X   X
  1. PROMIS Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System, Dep Depression, Anx Anxiety, WHOQOL-BREF World Health Organization Quality of Life–Brief, PANAS Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, CPAQ Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire, ASHS Adult State Hope Scale, PSEQ Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire