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Table 5 Mapping of themes generated in feasibility work to the COM-B model

From: Supporting self-management and clinic attendance in young adults with type 1 diabetes: development of the D1 Now intervention

Themes from thematic analysis COM-B model component Sub-themes that map onto COM-B model components Example quote
Taking action Physical opportunity Access to supports “We talked about what I had written - refreshing a DAFNE course and also about the sensor … we got information and also information on things coming up”
Young Adult—agenda setting tool
Making things easier
Social opportunity A different dynamic
Social norms
Trying to organise it all
“I think I had more input into it [clinic appointment] than previously”
Young Adult—agenda setting tool
“You know just to have that thought this message is not being sent just to me it’s being sent to everyone else too that needs it so I’m not the only one.”
Young Adult—Florence
“But yeah it was good to know that I could like pass a message on that way or you know or change something small if I needed to”
Young Adult—whole intervention (speaking about support worker)
Making things easier Automatic motivation Help with remembering “I think it's [blood glucose check reminder messages] a good idea you know but mostly for newly diagnosed people to remind them …. when it's the right time because at the beginning you might forget.”
Young Adult—Whole intervention (speaking about Florence)
Taking action Reflective motivation Goal setting
“It was actually really good, because like, we actually set a goal, for what we wanted to achieve by the end of the discussion, which was great, so I feel like more so now than in other clinics I’ve gone to before, I actually have answers to my questions. And I have goals to set for the future and for future visits and stuff.”
Young Adult—Agenda setting tool
“It [blood glucose check reminder messages] made me do my tests and injections and even try and have them done before the message would come through. So I found it very useful in regard that it was helping me keep control of my diabetes…”
Young Adult- Whole intervention (speaking about Florence)
“It was a motivator for some who didn't test.”
HCP—whole intervention (speaking about Florence)
Making things easier Psychological capability Easier to talk
Help with remembering
“Sometimes you’re too shy to ask so it’s nice to just have it on a piece of paper yeah”
Young Adult—agenda setting tool
“I mean it was easier for us to open conversations. So sometimes we struggle to open conversations.”
HCP—agenda setting tool
“Yeah if you kind of lost track of time you got the text you know you’d remember to do it [blood glucose check], yeah I found those handy yeah.”
Young Adult—whole intervention (speaking about Florence)