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Table 1 Summary of content for the sessions

From: Protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility study of psychologically informed vestibular rehabilitation for people with persistent dizziness: INVEST trial

Summary of sessions
Session Content
1 Understanding the problem (formulation)
Familiarisation with workbook
Symptom control techniques
Homework: activity monitoring
2 Review activity diary
Goal setting
Physiotherapy exercises
Activity planning
Homework: activity and rest goal setting
3 Review sleep, activity and rest goal sheet
In vivo behavioural experiments
Homework: behavioural experiments & exposure training
4 Review homework
Review of beliefs and cognitions
Progress physiotherapy exercises
Homework: thought diary
5 Review thought diary
Review of progress and problem solving
Homework: depending on identification of ongoing problems (e.g. sleep therapy, etc.)
6 Planning for the future
Relapse management