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Table 4 Themes elicited in post-interview qualitative feedback

From: Feasibility assessment of an 8-week attention-based training programme in the management of chronic spontaneous urticaria

Benefits of participation in the ABT programme “I found the therapy I would say very good. I seem to be able to control the flare ups…I find I’m not taking as much anti-histamines either”
“I found that it pushed me to go back to doing twenty minutes (meditation) morning and evening and I have stuck to that”
Meeting others with the same condition “It was nice to sit there and listen to other people’s stories. It just gives you a little bit of hope I think”
“I was delighted to know that there was other people with similar conditions to what I have, because I thought that there wasn’t anyone”
Barriers to participating in ABT “Just being too busy, not finding the time in the day”
“Not managing to take the time in the morning and the evening, I’m not giving myself that time”
Facilitators to participating in ABT “The gizmo that we had – it did kind of push you to do it because you know you’re being watched. It does make you more conscious of doing it”
“I found the technology helpful to learn the technique of breathing”