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Table 1 Study measures at each timepoint

From: Optimising psychological treatment for Anxiety DisordErs in Pregnancy (ADEPT): study protocol for a feasibility trial of time-intensive CBT versus weekly CBT

Measure Pre-treatment baseline assessment After first 2 h of treatment Late pregnancy follow-up sessiona 3m postnatal outcome assessment
Screening measures
Structured clinical interview for DSM-V (SCID) X    
Routinely collected IAPT measures (at every clinical session)
Demographics X    
PHQ-9 (Depression) X   X X
GAD-7 (Anxiety) X   X X
The Work and Social Adjustment Scale (WSAS) X   X X
Disorder specific measure (OCI, Panic, IES, SPIN) X   X X
Trial specific measures
Working Alliance Inventory (WAI)   X   
Pregnancy related anxiety questionnaire (PRAQ) X   X  
Postpartum bonding questionnaire (PBQ)     X
Mother-infant interactions (CARE index)     X
Adult Service Use Measure (ADSUS)     X
Qualitative interview     X
  1. aOne hour follow-up session with therapist administered during late pregnancy (33–35 weeks gestation)