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Table 1 Intervention sessions, brief summary of content and tasks to complete

From: Pain management in inflammatory bowel disease: feasibility of an online therapist-supported CBT-based self-management intervention

Session title Session content Session task
Session 1: Understanding your IBD symptoms Factors contributing to pain, fatigue and urgency, looking at the vicious cycle, use of self-monitoring and setting programme aims. Symptom diary
  **intervention facilitator phone call**  
Session 2: Balancing your activity, eating and exercise The importance of activity and exercise and looking at the fear avoidance model, eating patterns and setting goals. Working towards and reviewing goals for activity. Sleep diary
Session 3: Improving your sleep The importance of sleep and looking at different sleeping patterns and habits. Techniques to improve your sleep. Setting goals. Working towards and reviewing goals for sleep
Session 4a: Changing your thoughts: Part 1 The contribution of thoughts and the impact of these on pain. Identifying unhelpful thinking. Keeping a thought record in the context of pain
Session 4b: Changing your thoughts: Part 2 Developing alternating thoughts in the context of pain. Keeping a thought record and coming up with alternatives
Session 5: Managing stress and coping with emotions The effects of stress and how to manage it, including mindfulness exercises. Looking at different emotions. Setting goals Working towards and reviewing goals for managing stress and keeping a stress diary
Session 6: Making the most out of your social support and communication Looking at different types of social support. Improving communication and disclosure. Setting goals Working towards and reviewing goals for social support and communication
Session 7: Managing and understanding pain in IBD Difference between acute and chronic pain, cause of IBD-pain, looking at the vicious cycle in the context of IBD-pain.  
Session 8: The role of acceptance and self-compassion in pain How can acceptance help me? Looking at resilience,  and self-compassion exercises.  
Session 9: Summary and maintaining improvement Revisiting programme aims, preparing for the future, sustaining improvements and building on them.